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POPUPREVOLUTION: turned on to make popart really close to all.

POPUPREVOLUTION is a new movement / current of contemporary pop art that is emerging in Italy and whose the pop japan, for example by Tomoko Nagao art, is one of major player.
Tomoko Nagao Artworks

I am one of the founders, with a group of curators and artists, we turned on , in order to make the art pop really close to all that is called "Popular" but for the arts market worldwide is remained for a few.

Tomoko Nagao: KAWAII STENCIL #kawaiipunk, the pink sheep (artwall in milan, detail)

Tomoko Nagao:
 las Meninas with Zara  (oil on canvas, 90x120 cm, superflat, 2014 - detail )

Tomoko Nagao: Salomè blue

Tomoko Nagao:
 Mickey Mouse with Emporio Armani (oil on canvas, 90x120cm, superflat, 2014)

Tomoko Nagao: Madonnina "addolorata" Black (oil on canvas, 2014)

Tomoko Nagao, pics from Instagram @chrisgangitano: SWEETY DUOMO (duomo di Milano of meat, massive consumption) oil on canvas, #duomodimilano #pornarchitecture #gotico

Italy is at a standstill for a long time, from the '60s, as current or aggregation of aesthetic cultural artists and curators of new arts movements.
new energy are upcoming now, a new wind is rising.

till now only single cases have been recently established and you should know that painting and visual art in general are old and self-referential, even to all europe.

I'll talk about this, I will show how the "contemporary pop art" called POPUPREVOLUTION, but not only,  can no longer do without these cultures, japan pop, kawaii, superflat or Micropop players,

here is writing  #nipposuggestioni of which is an important voice of this popup art revolution.

Other Italians artists or based in italy, of GLOCAL vocation,  are mesmerized by the cultures involved from Manga, Anime and by the wave triggered by Kawaii- pop Japan.
they recognize well how much powerfull is the japanese pop. even towards the interpretation or readapting of the core message related it.
These are some examples: Felipe Cardena and Ataru Max Ferrigno, the street artist Pao.

Felipe Cardena, collage on canvas, 2014. From a shōjo subject of massive manga productions (少女, shōjo)

Felipe Cardena, Mimesis, collage on canvas, 100x100 cm, 2014 THE shōjo influence ( #少女 , shōjo)

Felipe Cardena , from a massive shōjo manga (少女, shōjo)

Max Ferrigno, from warhol

Max Ferrigno: SAYLOR MOON, acrylic on canvas, 30x40 cm
                   Max Ferrigno: murakami Takashi, on teh way of Neopop, Lowbrow, GROTESQUE

PAO (kawaii, street art in a GODZILLA MOOD)

Will you prepare in 2030? the date for which official approval is expected to overtake the U.S. and Anglo-Saxon arts cultures.

@chris gangitano  #nipposuggestioni


A new form of art, viral , rhizomatic , dynamic, hybrid . The term Pop Up is symptomatic of this new " artistic revolution " POP UP

this is the revolution " Pop Up" , an art that appears when you least expect it , from the street, the house, to clothing, to the thousand forms of communication that goes viral across social networks , technologies , places not conventional and new art IPER-POP, DYNAMIC an object d' art and design of the new prototype of multiple elite , along with unique serial , craft and technology, cultural and popular .

The ARTISTS who are the protagonists of the revolution POPUP:
Here then is the great compositions of street artists like Bros, Pao , TV Boy , Atomo, that with the strength of flat colors and acids and their direct messages on the road, and objects of daily use , enter the imagination of ordinary people ;
here are complex compositions , halfway between abstraction and stylization of Eloisa Gobbo , Dany Vescovi , Tancredi Fornasetti ,
colorful collages by Felipe Cardeña and Angelo Formica , poised between the sacred and pop imagery ;
here the characters halfway between comics and satire of Dario Arcidiacono , Max Ferrigno , Giovanni Motta ;
 superheroes " glocal " by Domenico Pellegrino , decorated like the Sicilian carts , women stylized ceramic and resin by Paolo Cassarà , the colorful puzzle of Daniele Fortuna,

the characters pop - Japanese of Tomoko Nagao ;
here is the imaginary worlds of Enrico T. De Paris, imaginary by Antonio De Luca , Faber , Florencia Martinez 
here , again, the neo-pop icons of Paul Manazza , Miss Salopette, Anna Muzi , Carlo Alberto Rastelli and Cikita Zeta

and, finally, the crazy and colorful worlds of science fiction by Sasha Frolova .

*** The term Pop Up , which takes up one side of the POPart utopia by Andy Warhol and the other computer jargon windows that open automatically when viewing a site, is symptomatic of this new " artistic revolution ," who wants to spread in everyday life " suddenly appearing " (to pop up) in every moment of our existence.

> For too long, the art has remained the preserve of a few. In the era of widespread communication , social networking , image and advertising that has invaded every area of daily life , the time has come for the art to come out of galleries , museums , from picture frames to invade the world .

INVITATION for the preview art show in Milan, the art show will travel around Italy, many city, till april 2014.

Follow us with the hashtag #popuprevolution on instagram and twitter .
contact us: popup.revolution @

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