venerdì 1 agosto 2014

Murakami's Arhat cycle in Milan, palazzo reale

Finally one of the masterpieces of contemporary art arrives in Milan. without a doubt is the artistic event of the year in the city that will host Expo 2015 in a short time. Murakami shows his spiritual care after the disaster in March 2011 that struck northern Japan, its culture, food, people. to this is added the nuclear tragedy, indelible.
here i will publish soon, on nipposuggestioni, my exclusive interview with the master of Superflat, online also on other blogs and social for disclosure and information on art and Japanese culture. stay tuned! online from september

from my fb wall an image s preview selection:


When you have the chance to see a masterpiece on display in your home town, you have to see it many times, every day with different eyes: Murakami cycle of Arhat, rich history of contemporary spirituality, but above many details. The precious details that pop up every other day I visit the artwork. During many visit i did, i m still feeling like inside a SISTINA SUPERPOP CHAPELLE!

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