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Kimbei & the Italian Venetian Photographers

Kimbei & the Italian Venetian Photographers: The worship of the image of the late Edo Period, till the today's japonism imaginary.

 Photographer Kusakabe #Kimbei, one of the most accomplished Japanese photographers of his time, operated a studio in #Yokohama from the early 1880s until 1913. Kusakabe Kimbei worked with #FeliceBeato and #Baron Raimund von Stillfried as a #photographic #colourist and assistant before opening his own workshop in Yokohama in 1881 in the #Bentendori quarter, began with Felix Beato, Adolfo Farsari and Von Stillfried. 2 Italians are masters of the contemporary japanese photographic.

An awesome culture of images still effective for today's anime and manga,  the beginning of pop mood we are able to find out such a poetry images, for business of Photography, and from 1889 operating in the #Honmachi quarter. He also opened a branch in the #Ginza quarter of #Tokyo.

POP GROTESQUE! A Photography by Kusakabe Kimbei (日下部 金兵衛) #japanesephotography #photoart #photographs #igersjp #edoperiod #masterphotographer
#photology #Kusakabe #Kimbei #日下部 金兵衛 #fotografia #kusababekimbei (1841 — 1934)

Like postcards (or instagram wall) today, his work was collected by tourists and exported for sale as curiosities to those who could not visit Japan.

As the protégé of von Stillfried, Kusakabe Kimbei continued the tradition of the #psychological studio #portrait and recorded scenic views of the country while he developed his own Japanese sense of photography.
I am proud and surprise during my researching to find the italian influence for one of the most important and beautyful culture of photography and generally of the aesthetic sense of images reproduced.

Chris Gangitano #nipposuggestioni

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