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east and west relations in hair

Nagi Noda

Nagi Noda (  野田凪 ) & Charlie Le Mindu, 
east and west relations in (arts) hair,

as 2 of the contemporary top creative, that are using featuring hair, clothes and fashion arts as expression of the contemporary trend of global society.

i am interested and propose both as an high level of contemporary arts included fashion, commercials, performances, clip video and more.
Nagi Noda (  野田凪 )

A nice land, in my opinion for analyze our global society, with Hair as media for communicate global value of visual impact.

Charlie le Mindu, Hair Runaway

Following is some of high value vision of Nagi Noda's fashion mood and arts expression:

Nagi Noda (野田 凪) :

This year marks the 4° anniversary of the death of Nagi Noda (野田 凪, 1973-2008), the brilliant pop artist and fashion icon. Not only did she make weird and wonderful videos (short films, music videos, and commercials), but she also had her own line of stuffed animals called HanPanda, designed unusual hair art called Hair Hats, and designed her own fashion line called Broken Label in collaboration with Mark Ryden.

She won many awards for her work including the prestigious Bronze Lion at the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival in 2006 for her Coca-Cola commercial “What Goes Around Comes Around”.

Nagi Noda for COKE, artwork commercials

!! Although her life was tragically cut short by injuries she sustained after a traffic accident, her vibrant creative vision lives on to inspire younger artists.

Nagi Noda (野田 凪) & Mark Ryden

The other protagonist in this story of contemporary art through the hair is Charlie Le Mindu.

HAIR ARTIST CHARLIE LE MINDUHair artist Charlie Le Mindu is the newest member of Larapixie Talent Agency.

Born in Bergerac, France, Charlie Le Mindu quickly rose to the limelight as a child prodigy in the French Hair Academy, cutting and styling hair from the age of thirteen.

 Le Mindu has ascended from boarding school disciple, to a hairdresser/stylist in Bordeaux, to fashion icon in Berlin - currently setting his sites on his upcoming relocation to London as a contributor to London fashion and nitelife.

 Le Mindu stamped his signature on Berlin nitelife by establishing himself as Resident Hairdresser at White Trash, RIO Club and Barbie Deinhoff's, also performing "Live Cuts" in his champagne suite at countless private parties and events in Berlin. 

Le Mindu also oversees Charlie Le Mindu, his private salon in Berlin - where he constantly wows his all-star clientelle, including: Peaches, Cobra Killer, Bonde do role, Planningtorock, Sue Denim, Angie Reed, Jackson and His Computer Band, among others as well Lady Gaga. 

Le Mindu has cultivated his own technique and style - while utilizing Bio products for color, devoted to his favorite hairsprays, Fudge and Elnette. 

Working on is new wigs collection at the moment for a highfashioncatwalk soon. Based in UK LONDON now he is working for highfashion magazines such as DAZED AND CONFUSED or ID magazine.... He owns the PRIVATE CHARLIE LE MINDU salon in Shoreditch. 
In my opinion he's a great sculptor (as well of living board) and glamorous european visual style master, that actually is leaking for visuals arts and cinema.

is it A Charlie HOMAGE to Nagi Noda??

 CG,  may 2012.

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