giovedì 8 settembre 2011

new future-present asian domain culture is coming soon

As many facebook friends already know, I am working for events of "premium brand" company, featuring art, culture and theater by artists in unconventional or historycal locations throughout the city of Milan.
untill today, i created projects for high profile scenic and experiential events designed to exploit excellence in the art, culture and theater world for the benefit of corporate clients

from 2000 till NOW I am also working deeply for culture, my aims is demonstrate the connection of new japanese pop cultures and global new arts and the connection with western's art (old and new).

i am interested now to show the new tendencies of japanese art, such as visuals, photos, performing arts and more expression languages.

I think that  work and visual language of many japanese and asian artist is NOW (particular history moment) very important for the imagination of the new youth generation of artist and creative, in italy and europe.
I think that european must know well the new future-present asian domain culture is coming soon and very fast here, still many people doesn't know it.

Culture and arts are the best way for make it know us.

as well, for my culture aims (western and eastern relations in art) is important and welcome the support, ideas, suggestions of culture people.
thank you, grazie.

愛  love
美  bello


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