lunedì 4 luglio 2011

Shintaro Tsuji (辻信太郎) as the Japanese DISNEY

Shintaro Tsuji (辻信太郎, Tsuji Shintarō, born 1927) is the founder of Sanrio Co., Ltd.. Tsuji founded Sanrio, the Tokyo based character-branded merchandise company, in 1960.
Mr. Tsuji created a line of original characters to complete its range of products, thinking of those Occasion where you want to make a special gift, with the idea that a small gift can generate a big smile.

From the creation of these very nice characters, started in 1962, Sanrio introduced over fourhundred new character in the imagination of the younger generation Japanese, first, and after around the world.

Kawaii an aesthetic revolution which, in my opinion sees Mr. Shintaro among the great innovators of the global imaginary, as the great Japanese manga creator Osamu Tezuka, Shintaro Tsuji is an innovators through zoomorphic characters, like Disney.
Certainly the creator of Sanrio and Hello Kitty is a leading figure in the history of contemporary art!

Christian Gangitano

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