venerdì 1 luglio 2011


Guidelines: japanese POP arts from EDO period till now

Japanese, Italian and other artists brought together for an unparalleled confrontation, exploring the influence that POP icons and Japanese manga are exerting over the European contemporary art and over the imagination of emerging artists. An analysis from Murakami’s and NARA’s “SUPERFLAT” generation to the latest Japanese MICROPOP tendencies, driving roots even deeper towards Hokusai, the great UKIYO-e master of Japanese art from the Edo period: the artist who, with his need to capture the “moving image” and the everyday life, realized the first MANGA, around the end of the 18th and the beginning of the 19th centuries. 
The exhibition offers a privileged viewpoint, a visual observatory showing how European art, having colonized the world on economic and cultural levels in the past centuries, is questioning itself and becoming more and more open, in a multilingual and intercultural opening foreshadowing the future society. We can get a direct experience of the unending, unstoppable ride of kawai figures, characters, manga, ideograms and icons, hurling themselves towards the peaceful conquest of the collective imagination and of the capitalistically advanced world’s iconography. 

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  1. From th exhibition MICROPO & NIPPOSUGGESTION, Bentchmark in italy, see here videointerview about: