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A millennium begins MUTANT: MetamorpHosiS of contemporary art as a guideline for the new aesthetic trends

A millennium begins mutant : the metamorphosis of contemporary art as a guideline for the new aesthetic trends.

Here I show you an important images gallery of pics taken since few month ago till now, by ero guro, hentai Manga artworks
Yes, also from comics! (manga as contemporary art artworks) an important collection that I could read and appreciate thanks to the master Takasu Jun (a dear friend and cultural guide, is the world's foremost expert in the art of story of hell of Buddhism)

This post is for make clear the meaning and important contents, in my opinion, of metamorphosis of the millennium: Hentai , eroguro , guro , gore kawaii , kawaii punk - cyber pop , Micropop
Newpop , kawaiizzazioni , eromanga, eroge, new ukiyoe, edopop etc. ..

About the guidelines for contemporary art in a deep mood with the Metamorphosis here I m pleased to post some ideas , suggestions and casehistory I display it with images:


Toshio Saeki

manga otaku shop, Nagoya, Japan

Hiroyuki Takahashi

Hiroyuki Takahashi

Metamorphosis - Transformation of physical or moral , real or fabulous

Metamorphosis - as a form that changes ( shapeshifter ) POP SURREALISM , ANIME , MANGA, EROguro

Metamorphosis - Transformation of the physical single organ of a plant ;

metamorphosis or metamorphism - Transformation of the chemical structure of rocks and crystals , even of programs , algorithms, and software.

METAMORPHOSIS processing human-machine : mecha, robot , tokusatsu, from Evangelion to mecha . Cyborg, cyberkawaii, cyberpunk.

• Metamorphosis - Transformation of physical activity in animals, anthropomorphic monsters
: from Kafka to POKEMON, till the hyper real impact proposed in the last work of Takashi Murakami “Jellyfish eye” or KAIKAIKIKI best characters on the border between art and fashion. Between cinema, tales and fantasy manga .

More images of Japanese’s Metamorphosis, hentai, eroguro AESTHETIC POWER: arts of the new millennium.

THE Metamorphosis aesthetic power:

the art of high quality for the new millennium. As I mentioned, my research focuses on new and innovative artists from Asian, eastern FRONTIERS, imminent global super power (cultural and economic, trend setters for massive consumption).

How does the mass consumerism dumb people and society: this is the metamorphosis from consumerism?
A strange attitude.

Well, I ve got More  Input for the development on this research, that i began since 2012.

I am fascinate the different artistic languages, POP, and the richness quality of suggestions (pictures, visual, fine arts, digital, streetart etc. ..). from China, Japan and Korea forward to south east asian country.

(SHINTARO KAGO) what is yours? Put an X next to the select
  • Thanks to all artist in this albs, for courtesy, images from my private library, use for culture researching only.


Shintaro Kago

Shintaro Kago

details, more infos:

From Ovid's Metamorphoses to the latest trends of street fashion in Tokyo.

The Metamorphosis (Metamorphoseon books XV) is the title of an epic-mythological Ovid (43 BC-18) focused on the phenomenon of metamorphosis. Through the work, completed shortly before his exile 8 AD, Ovid has made it famous and transmitted to posterity many stories and mythological stories of ancient Greece and Rome.
Even today, mythical figures, changing and evolving fascinate the imagination of contemporary artists, from the latest trends to the superflat pop surrealism. From manga to videogames, cinema, literature.

Toshio Saeki

Tomoko Nagao "Medusa, Gorgone", from Caravaggio

LINK for my aims: east and west relations in Hentai

the case of Takato Yamamoto: Heisei aesthetics. Between classical mythology and imagery of Japan in the Edo Period. New Ukiyoe, Edopop. 

3 awesome artbook, by Takato Tamamoto. Editions Treville. Printed in japan. Shooting in my own library

DETAILS for this post: more Information about hentai meaning, should be know
Hentai: In Japanese, the word hentai means metamorphosis, abnormality, or sexual perversion, or just mean "sex".

Hentai (変態 or へんたい|) is a Japanese word that can be used to mean "metamorphosis" or "abnormality". In Japan "hentai" has a strong negative connotation, and is commonly used to mean "sexually perverted". In the West, the term is used as slang for sexually explicit or pornographic comics and animation, particularly Japanese anime, manga, digitalgames

Yuka Yamaguchi

Aida Makoto

In Japan, sexually explicit material is more often referred to as "jū hachi kin" (18禁; prohibited for sale to persons under 18), "ECCHI /Hentai anime" (sexual/pornographicanime), "seinen" (成年; adult, not to be confused with young adult), or with the prefix "ero-" (derived from "erotic").

ONE OF THE BEGINNERS: THE DREAM of The Fisherman s Wife a 19th century shunga woodcut, by Hokusai
So start the tentacle rape imaginary!
Hentai anime and manga allow elements of sexual fantasy to be represented in ways that would be impossible to film. This may include portrayals of sexual acts which are physically impossible, unacceptable in society, or run counter to social norms. Examples include extreme bondage, creatures with tentacles, and other fetishes.
JUNKO MIZUNO. tentacle rape its still on

More Meaning of the word
Hentai is a Japanese word made up of two symbols. 変 hen and 態 tai

In the 1914 translation of Psychopathia Sexualis, "psychology of abnormal sexuality" was rendered in Japanese as 『変態性慾心理』 (Hentai Seiyoku Shinri).

Write by Christian Gangitano, november, 28, 2013
@chrisgangitano (instagram)

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