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Kawaiizzazioni (to makes it kawaii)

 Tomoko and her Kawaiizzazioni technique:
digital art and vectorial art, painting, technique and variable sizes from A3 to 100x70 cm
A series of 20 tables and about 10 paintings KAWAIZZANO (make kawaii) brand, works of art and avant-pop icons, i mean POP massive culture, imaginations or world-famous.

Enfanta Margarita, Kitty, Coke: as 3 of the global strong icons

As in the artwork of David and Goliath, or that one with the last meal (Emmaus), or Bacchus (with Nutella) as well Judith and Olophernes (above), Tomoko takes Caravaggio, another KAWAIIZATED subject is the famous  "Enfanta Margarita de Las Meninas by Velazquez, mixed up of the bags of "Zara " or other main massive brand ...

Again with" Venus of Pasta "by Titian's Venus (which has influenced the work of Maja desnuda by Goya), however,  we can find " pilov" of " Hello Kitty"with venus or "maja" that rest in packages of pasta and she looks like are an icon of consume enjoyable mass product of european and Japanese, imagination of global economy.

Venus of Pasta (vectorial art version)
Venus of Pasta (with Kitty) Oil painting version

Other global brands like NUTELLA, Coke, Kikkomann, Nissin cup noodles, playstation psp, Smart car etc... are reinterpreted and made cool and kawaii, becoming subject of the "palette" creative of Tomoko.

kitty and Coke, artwork donate for Sanrio Foundation (project sanrio For Smiles)

Typically in an artistic Micropop style, artists (mainly womens) makes repossess a massive icons, massive brand cultures in order to make them "own" and use them as a display of "your" imagination instead of fancy reset operation and diversity of the brands that tend to engage in mass consumption. 

An "allegory" superflat of the era of globalization, told with its symbols and its products.

>> For example, now, this is a work painting by Tomoko Nagao, one of the newest. I consider it as his point of arrival (developed from digital vectorial artworks) and a meaningful image to criticize subtly but effectively the current globalized era, the economy of the maddened virtual markets:

Narcissus (The Capital?) reflects, with SCRAPED knees. He is reflected in the iconography of the work of Caravaggio as a puddle. is reflected with the Coca-Cola, will become sad because maybe transform in a massive Brand (as in the flower that will effectively transformed).

Chris Gangitano

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